Gradius was no stranger to ports and versions of the game, so why would it be weird if Konami featured noodles inside the NES flavor? The year was 1986 and Konami decided to promote the instant noodles brand Arukimendesu / Archimendes, which literally means “instant noodles to walk/to go”. How, you ask? Well, this version of the game has Archimendes noodle packages instead of power-ups…

Gradius Archimendes Noodles instead of power-ups. Because Japan!

And a strange message at the end:


Gradius Archimendes Hen Ending

Other than that, this NES version is exactly the same compared to the original. It’s a neat piece of trivia for Gradius and retro gaming fans, and certainly a very expensive collection item, since apparently only 4,000 copies were made. There’s an ebay listing that’s going for a whopping $2,500 USD:

The full poster:

Gradius Archimendes Hen Poster

Here’s a full run of the game in case you want to see those delicious noodle boxes in action:

What do you think of this version of the game? Would you have bought it and devoured those noodles?

Fun piece of (un)related trivia: Oddish’s alias name is Arukimendesu in the Japanese versions of Pokémon. Japan really likes noodles.

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