Legendary Konami developer and creator of the Konami Code passed away

↑↑↓↓←→←→BA START This code was introduced by Kazuhisa Hashimoto in the Famicom (NES) port of Gradius as a testing tool, then discovered as a cheat code, and later became part of video game culture itself. RIP Mr. Hashimoto. This is Konami’s official declaration: Also, different industry personalities have spoken about the fact, such as Iken […]

No Power-Up Run Challenge Guide to the Gradius games

The No Power-Up Run Challenge is a recent new addition to the way people can play the Gradius games. To understand how this works, though, you need to know what exactly power-ups are in the games. A mechanic that sets Gradius apart from other similar side scrollers was its power-up system where you collect power-up […]

Meet Gradius Archimendes, the Gradius version where power-ups are noodle boxes

Gradius was no stranger to ports and versions of the game, so why would it be weird if Konami featured noodles inside the NES flavor? The year was 1986 and Konami decided to promote the instant noodles brand Arukimendesu / Archimendes, which literally means “instant noodles to walk/to go”. How, you ask? Well, this version […]