A celebration of the legacy of Gradius games by the fans of the games themselves!

Gradius is an awesome game series, and we want to celebrate the joy it has given us along the years. Do you remember the first time you played a Gradius game? The first time you thought “Wow, that’s an awesome piece of music, right there!”, well now is the time to express all of that with whatever you want to do for May 29 🙂

Gradius Day

“I Gradius, how can I celebrate #GradiusDay?”

These are examples of ways to participate on #GradiusDay, the main idea is that you do something Gradius related that day and express it online with the hashtag #GradiusDay
– Fan art
– A photo of your collection with the hashtag #GradiusDay written or visible somewhere
– Music cover
– Cosplay (who wants to be Tetran?)

“Where do I post #GradiusDay related stuff?”

Anywhere you want, really if you use the hashtag, but here are places where Gradius fans are known to gather to share Gradius love, so these would be great places to post:

– The Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/936041039932014/
– The /r/gradius subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/gradius/
– The Discord server: https://discord.gg/8e4DFAy
– This website, comment below!
– Mention (and follow!) @aalkz (Alekz) and @GradiusCore on Twitter for RT of your posts 🙂 https://twitter.com/aalkz and https://twitter.com/GradiusCore

If you are a professional artist of some form, it would be really cool if you did something special for today, we Gradius fans promise to share it (with proper credits, of course) forever and ever.

Published by Alekz

Alekz is the admin of the Gradius Core community, he loves everything Gradius and wants everyone to know how awesome those games are... so here we are! He also has a YouTube channel where he blabbers all about videogames in general. He's a cool guy, you should check him out ;)

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