Having some fun with Gradius memes AlekzAlekz is the admin of the Gradius Core community, he loves everything Gradius and wants everyone to know how awesome those games are… so here we are! He also has a YouTube channel where he blabbers all about videogames in general. He’s a cool guy, you should check him […]

No Power-Up Run Challenge Guide to the Gradius games

The No Power-Up Run Challenge is a recent new addition to the way people can play the Gradius games. To understand how this works, though, you need to know what exactly power-ups are in the games. A mechanic that sets Gradius apart from other similar side scrollers was its power-up system where you collect power-up […]

Crystal Core Gradius Wallpaper UHD 4K

I made this to celebrate #GradiusDay Crystal Core is my favorite boss from Gradius III, and I love the soundtrack that plays when you fight him. Download full resolution wallpaper here 3840×2160 Follow and share if you like it! Don’t forget to follow on Twitter and Facebook, and of course join the Discord community! […]

How to play Gradius III for SNES without slowdown issues

Gradius III for SNES can now be played without slowdowns Gradius III for SNES is an awesome game, but its critics always had the same thing to say about it: it has some serious slowdown issues. It has never really been a problem for most fans, I personally find them great because they make the […]